Understanding Comcast cable box codes

Comcast cable box codes are the model numbers on the cable box. Comcast uses different brands of cable boxes like Motorola, scientific Atlanta and Cisco. Each cable box comes with its own model number. These model numbers help differentiate between a regular cable box and an HD cable box or an HD cable box with the DVR.
If you are changing your old setup box for a new one or replacing a broken remote you can do it yourself, by figuring out the Comcast cable box code. Instead of waiting for the technician to come and do it for you, where a technician fee would be involved, there are many trouble shooting codes and error codes available online. Following a few simple troubleshooting steps, you can fix minor technical problems or issues, with any Comcast product.
A Comcast cable box hack is illegal. Some old models of Comcast cable boxes can be hacked. Technicians with a sound knowledge of electronics, and some basic hacking devices can hack a cable box. It is not advisable to do so. Hacking a cable box is against the law. Watching free cable without paying for the services, can lead to paying huge fines or doing time in jail.
The most common among Comcast cable box error codes is the SOaOO. This is caused by a weak signal and affects only certain channels. The troubleshooting method to be followed for this error is to unplug the power cord from the main power source, for two to three minutes. Then, check if all the cables are fitted tightly in their sockets. And, plug in the main power cord after three minutes. If the problem persists call for technical support; a signal sent to your cable box, often solves the issue.
The Motorola Comcast cable box is the most popular cable box used by Comcast customers. Motorola provides Comcast with the basic model cable boxes to the latest HD DVR cable boxes. Some of the popular Comcast Motorola cable box codes are DCX3400, DCT700, DCH100, and DCX3200M P2/RNG 150N.
A digital cable box is used for viewing digital channels and has access to an on screen guide. With the help of an on screen guide you can get program information and TV listings. This cable box is also used for On Demand and Pay-Per-View.